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Are you doing all this for a profit?

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No. Nikonians is a not-for-profit community. All capital generated through our operations is reinvested to sustain it and its growth.

Only a very small percentage of all Nikonians Members are supporting the community financially through a contributing Silver, Gold or Platinum membership. That means almost all members are participating in the community free of charge.

However, memberships is our most important source of revenue.

For the past fifteen years the community's policy has made it possible to offer free of charge content enabling members from all countries, all social backgrounds and economical status to interact on the provided platforms at no cost. However, the community must also receive enough funding to be able to sustain itself and meet the demands of a growing membership.

Over the past few years we have met those demands by assembling a highly skilled paid staff that takes care of software development, IT maintenance, administration, content generation and accounting (to name a few areas). The additional costs of operating servers and a server cluster on more than one continent clearly show that the current membership financial support is by far not enough to cover expenses. The community is therefore highly dependent on memberships and its supported in a lesser degree by donations and advertising revenue.

The Photo Pro Shop (ppsna.com) is a community unit responsible for creating additional revenue to enable the community to grow.

The Nikonians Academy is a platform to deliver high quality workshops and training courses throughout the USA and Canada. The Academy was initiated to extend the learning experience at the forums into a classroom environment and field trips. To do that we provide talented photographers, individuals with a strong teaching vocation, with the ability to receive additional income. A major part of the revenue created through the very successful Nikonians Academy program is received by the participating instructors, who carry a strong workload, being instrumental to the program success.

The community is operated by a limited liability corporation, Nikonians EMEA Ltd, (with office in Germany) since 2000. The Nikonians Academy and the Photo Pro Shop are operated by Nikonians North America, Inc. incorporated in the USA in 2006. This management structure was built by the founders Bo Stahlbrandt (from Sweden, commuting between Germany and Slovakia) and J. Ramón Palacios (from Mexico, commuting between Mexico and the USA) to be able to handle the size of the operation professionally (with offices, employees, servers, et al).

The community is not a subsidiary of Nikon (it is completely independent in every way from Nikon Corporation), and yet it is able to answer thousands of posts pertaining to Nikon cameras and related subjects every day - mostly free of charge. The strong core of expert volunteers and supporting members, combined with a professional back-office team makes all of this possible with a high level of efficiency, receiving praise from experts.

You can find out more about us and the team behind Nikonians on our team pages :-)