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How do I post images?

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There are three ways to include an image in your posts in the Nikonians forums:

  1. Upload directly
  2. Link to an image in your Nikonians gallery
  3. Link to an externally hosted image


Upload directly

Direct uploading of images in your computer into the forums is not available to Basic members. Please see below Linking from your Nikonians gallery.

If you are a Silver, Gold or Platinum member, you can also upload an image from your own computer directly into the post by clicking on Click here to choose your attachments on the post form. This will launch a new window through which you can select the file you wish to upload.

You must specify the type of file from the drop-down list and browse your disk to select the correct file. (Note that jpeg image files are the default, and are recommended for photographs).

Once the file is selected, its full path and filename will show in the textbox. Click {Upload file!} and the file will be transferred from your computer to the Nikonians server. This may take a few or more seconds depending in your internet connection speed. When the image is successfully uploaded, the dialog box will show:

The file you chose was successfully uploaded to the server.
The URL of this file is

If there was an error in uploading the file, an error message will show instead. The most likely causes of an error are:

  1. Your file exceeds the maximum size allowed,
  2. You have selected the wrong file type from the drop-down list (e.g. you have selected jpeg but your image is a gif file),
  3. Your Internet connection was interrupted during upload.

You may then either upload another complying image, or click Close this window to return to the posting form and try again later. Note that uploaded files are assigned a new file number by the Nikonians server.

The maximum size of an image is 1800 pixels wide and 1200 pixels tall (for horizontal compositions and 1200 pixels tall for vertical compositions. Maximum weight is now 1,000KBytes.

Recommendation: We recommend images not taller than 900 pixels to avoid scrolling by those with smaller monitors than the most used resolution sizes currently in use by members.

We appreciate that the maximum number of images uploaded per post to the forums is kept to a maximum of three whenever possible.

Linking from your Nikonians gallery

If you have previously uploaded your images at the Nikonians gallery, all you need to post it is to include the url of the medium sized photo within your text, which you can select, copy to your clipboard and pest into your message text, from the window that reads "Direct Link:" for example:


That will show the image as below:


If you want members to click on the shown image to link to the larger version of it, you must use the For forum posting: link shown in the galleries page that contains your image. Select the text, copy it to your clipboard and paste it into your message text. The link form will link to the gallery page with the larger image. Type or paste this within your message post; for example:


This will show the medium sized image in your post. When members click on that image, they will be taken to the page containing the full size version.

Linking from an external host

If you have an image already hosted on an internet server outside of Nikonians just type the image url ( i.e. http://www.somedomain.com/Images/cool.jpg) in your message.

Being sensitive to file size and number of images per post in order to minimize download time will improve overall user experience for those viewing your photography, whether on a personal website, in an online portfolio or here in your community forums.

Be aware that some services do not allow for images to be shown elsewhere. In that case, your URL entered in a post will only show as that, a URL.

We would appreciate it if you keep your images under 900 pixels on the longest side, and post no more than 3 per post.

How do I resize an image?

Details are given in the Resizing article.


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