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What is "Rate this Topic"?

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When entering into the forums, and reading up on your favourite topics, whether old or new, you will find on the top right hand side of that topic a drop down menu labeled: “Rate this topic” and next to it, the button “Rate it!”. This is allowing users to be voiced in expressing their thoughts in a simple number scheme from 1-5 (1 - 5 being a Must read). Through this, users are able to engage whether or not this topic was useful, inspiring and insightful.

1.) How to rate a topic? -Simple! On the top right hand side of your topic of choice you will be able to simply use the drop down menu to rate the topic from 1-5 (1- 5 being a Must read). Once you have selected your rating, hit “Rate it!” and you’re done! You’re score/rating has been submitted. Hit back in your browser window to continue reading your topic, or go to the next one. (See below for example)


2.) How come I can’t see the ratings for some topics in the topics bar? -In order for the user to see how the topic is rated, there must be at least (5) users that rated the topic (any number rated) in order for you to view its overall score/rating.

3.) Where else can I view the ratings of a topic(s)? - You can view the ratings in (2) places: Top right in the Topic Bar & Bottom right of the topic screen

4.) Can I rate an article multiple times? -Unfortunately, you cannot rate an article multiple times; this would be unfair, as others need a chance to voice their thoughts so that the community has more than one persons’ opinion.

5.) What if I rate it incorrectly, can I redo it? -No, just as you cannot rate an article multiple times, the same applies here. Thus, when you rate, be sure it is the score you wanted to provide! Many users want a true opinion as to what your thoughts were on the topic, how helpful you found it, to you.

Things to remember:'

Rating a post should be the reaction to the help it provided in sharing, learning, inspiring. "This was most helpful for me." "For me" (as a poster or reader) is key.

One must always keep in mind that what was a helpful revelation for someone may not have been for another.

In the end, topic ratings should be a measure of how helpful a topic has been to members and it may have little or nothing to do with who was the original poster and more with the answers provided.

The first question should ideally be "Will it be helpful for other members that I rate this topic?"