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What is "Recommend Member"?

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Recommending a member in the Nikonians.org community is an active involvement and participation for those trusted to be acknowledged for their friendly, competent and inspiring information.

1.) How does one “Recommend a Member“? - Simple! Once you have visited any forum and topic, there will be a “Recommend Member” link just underneath the Username. Simply click on the link, and hit “OK”.(See below for example)


2.) What does “Recommended by #” mean? -This allows other members to see how many members have recommended a particular user. As per the simulated example above, you will see that Username: jrp has been recommended by 4 other users.

3.) How does one know WHO recommended you/any other user? -Once you have selected on “Recommended by #” you will then be prompted into another page allowing you to see who (the username) has specifically recommended you and the date of their recommendation. (See below for example)


4.) How may I see other Recommended Members?

a.) Once you have selected the “Recommended by #” link, you will be prompted into the page where you see not only who has recommended you, but also on the left hand side, you will be presented with an index of the alphabet, allowing you to view:

  • usernames in alphabetical order
  • the amount of usernames recommended per alphabetical letter

-Simply click on the letter you would like to see of which users were recommended and by how many, as well as, who recommended them. (Ex. The letter “R” has two user recommendations, once “R” has been clicked on, you will then be able to see which users were recommended, and the number of recommendations to them. Click on you desired user of choice, and see who and when that particular user was recommended by). b.) There is also a "Recommended Members" link just above the list of forums as well as, the list of topics between "Friends" & "Check who's online" links


5.) Can I recommend myself? -No. That is why you can't see the Recommendation icon in your own posts.

6.) What if I know the username and just want to search them directly, instead of going through a list in alphabetical order? -No problem, click on any users “Recommended by #” which will then prompt you to the index page. Just underneath the index, you will see a “Search by username” field and a white bar for you to enter in directly the username of your choice. Hit “Go!” and that’s it!

7.) What if I typed the username that I wanted to find, in the index search engine, and no name popped-up? - This just simply means, they have not been recommended by any other user (yet).

8.) Do I have to participate in recommending a member? - No, you do not have to participate. If you wish to turn off this feature, simply go to "My User Menu", "Preferences", and select "no" under: "Participate in user recommendation?". Select "yes" if you wish to recommend other users and allow other users to recommend you. Remember, selecting "no" will not allow you to recommend others and have others recommend you.

Things to remember:

This should not be turned into a popularity contest. Before recommending a member make sure why you want to do it.

Please don't use recommendations to email members with your questions. That would turn the recognition into a nuisance. Please use the forums.