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Das neue Nutzer Profil

Aus Nikonians Wiki - FAQs, Photo Glossary, Good Photo Locations, Help

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The whole profile has been re-designed to be more user-friendly and better organized. It should be easier now for you to navigate through it thanks to the new tabbed layout.


The top of the screen contains links to send an email or a message to the user. You will also find a link here to send a request to the user to become friends. To send a request, click the link „Add to my friends list“. A new window should pop-up. Here you can specify a message for the user that will be sent to him via e-mail with your request to become friends. When you send request, the user is automatically added to the list of your friends with a status of “waiting for approval” (this status can be seen in your user menu). You actually become friends after the user approves your friendship. After he does the status is changed to “approved” and now you can see his activities on the website.


Under the links you find some basic information about the user, along with links to his homepage and user gallery and his/her photo. The information which you have in the tabs below give you the opportunity to know better the user as photographer and his/her activity inside the Nikonians community.


Here is a short description of each individual tab:


This tab offers you first information about the user as a photographer: experience level, mainly shoot, main metering, wish list etc.


In this tab you will find out which equipment does the user use. Maybe you have the same one and thus you may consider this user as possible ‘friend’ to share easily the experience between both of you.


Recent photographs – here is a list of the most recently added user’s photographs and the latest comments on that photo if exists. Popular photographs – user’s photographs (and latest comments to it) that are viewed most frequently with number of views mentioned

Gallery comments

Here is a list of most recent comments that the user left to other users.


This tab consists of user’s latest forum posts, blog entries and blog comments.


This last tab contains the information about the friends that the user has in his/her friends list. However, the list is only shown to those users who are already friends with the profile user. So if you are not a friend with the person you’re viewing the profile of then you will only see the number of friends the user has and if you have any friends in common, you would see them listed.

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