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General about followers

Up until 04-SEP-2018, Nikonians had a feature in place we called "Friends functionality". This feature has now been replaced by our "Follower functionality". Any previous Friends connections have been converted to mutual Followers connections between the members. For each such conversion, you will see a corresponding message under the "Heart menu" in the top right corner of Nikonians.

This is how the Follower functionality works:

Any member can follow any other member, no matter membership level, if not one of the members have opted-out from the follower feature -- see below. To "follow a member" simply means to see the public activities of the member in a chronological list of events. These activities have always been available to all members by using our search engine "NikoScope", it is just now easier to see them. This can e.g. be of interest if you are getting inspired by another members public images or forum posts. We are not showing any total counts of how many "Followers" you or any other member have.

How do I follow other members?

To follow a member from the forums, use the "Follow" member icon shown under the members username:


Or, click on the members username or avatar (small image beside the username) when viewing an image of the member. Then click the "Follow member" button:


Or, when you recommend a member, you can also follow the member at the same time. Recommending a member is done using the "Recommend" member icon under the members username:


When recommending a member, this dialog shows where you can also follow the member:


Or, when you are reading an article, you can easily follow the author by clicking on the "Follow" link at the bottom of the article, in the information area for the author:


What is shared with followers?

Your public activities are shared with your followers, such as

  • Your public image uploads
  • Comments you make on images
  • Comments you make on articles
  • Forum posts you make in public forums
  • Your pending birthday. If you have your birthday stored in your profile, your followers will be informed about your pending birthday, without revealing which year you were born. You can opt-out from showing that you have birthday to other members by changing the "Birthday visibility" in "My Profile" under the "Preferences" tab.

What is not shared?

Anything else not listed above is not being shared. These are activities that are not public and they are not shared with your followers. Such activities include

  • Information regarding your followers or the members you follow
  • Any activities related to images in private albums
  • Any posts you make in a restricted access forum
  • Any activities related to your account or your profile including any changes done
  • Your online status

You can opt-out

You can opt-out from allowing anyone to follow you and you can set this in "My Profile" under the "Preferences" tab and "Is my profile searchable?" When your profile is searchable, which it is by default, members can follow you to see your public activities and members can find your profile when using NikoScope to search for members. Set it to "No" to disallow anyone to search for you and to follow you. Your profile is now hidden from being indexed and shown by our search engine NikoScope. Not allowing your profile to be searched means you can no longer follow any members either.

How to follow and unfollow other members

Click on the members username to see a list of options, including to start following the member. To follow an author of an article, use the "Follow" link placed at the bottom of the article in author information area. You can easily unfollow a member the same way. The member you unfollowed is not informed about it.

How to see which members are following you

On the Followers overview page you can see all members following you and the members you are following. You can select to only see the members you follow or the members that are following you.

How to see the activities of the members I follow

On the Activities page you can see the recent activities of the members you follow. Older activities are not shown.

Can I blacklist or mute other members?

No. You cannot set individual members as not being able to follow you. You can though opt-out from the following functionality all together if you so desire (see above). By not following other members, they will not be shown in the list of activities of members you follow, in a way this is a friendly kind of "mute".

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