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The Good Locations by Nikonians iPhone application enables you to take images of locations, to automatically tag them with their geographic location (GPS data), to rate and to share them with other photographers - And you can also do this while not having cell coverage, sending the captured, tagged images at a later date.

A captured location is automatically published to the Good Locations site, Nikonians good locations forum, to your Facebook and your Twitter account. All with a single submit from your phone!

You can download the free Good Locations app from the iTunes store.

The app can be used to keep track of good locations, to scout and record photo locations or simply just to share the best locations with others.

We have just now (June 21st 2010) launched an early access (aka "Beta") of a website with posted locations on a map, searchable according to locations, showing top posters etc. Check it out at the Good Locations site.

You do not need to be a Nikonians member to use the app, but if you are you can also share your locations with other Nikonians in our Good Locations forum.

Note: You do not need to be registered at Nikonians to read the postings done by others in the Good Locations forum and you do not need to have a Silver membership or higher to access it. Anyone can read the postings in the forum. You must though be a registered member if you want to post your locations in it. You can do that with a free, Basic membership. The Basic membership is valid for 25 days.

When you first start the application it will ask you to login or to register. If you already are a Nikonians member with a valid Nikonians account, just enter your credentials (your username and password). This will take care of signing you up to use the app, If you are not registered with Nikonians, you can simply register through the app.

When I first start the app I see a white screen!

Please upgrade to a later release of the app to get rid of this problem.

Where do I define where to send my captured locations?

If you have a Twitter and/or a Facebook account, you can set that up by tapping on the small "i" symbol at the bottom right corner of the app. Please note that you can also turn on/off sending to each of the Nikonians, Facebook and Twitter accounts by connecting/disconnecting directly from the settings page.

What is sent?

Your photo of the location, including its coordinates, your comment, your username and ranking (happy or sad smiley) will be sent to the Nikonians Good Locations server after you have hit the "Send" button in the app. The transfer of the image incl the additional information should typically take less than 30 seconds if you are on a 3G network. If you are on an Edge network or maybe even on a slow GPRS net, it may take considerably longer. Wifi should be the fastest way to send the data where the transfer may only take a few seconds. If the app cannot send the data within ca 4 minutes, the transfer will be cancelled and you will see an error message.

And exactly where is the captured data sent?

The data is sent to Nikonians Good Locations server, which has its own database collecting the captured image, the location, the rating, the comment and the username of the person that provides the information. The server then publish the data to your other, connected feeds (Nikonians forums, Facebook, Twitter...) and the data is shown on the Good Locations map.

Tap on the small "i" icon at the bottom right corner to open the settings page, then tap the link "My locations" located at the top of the page. You can now turn on/off the locations you want to have displayed on the good locations site's map by tapping the checkbox on the left hand side of each entry.

Tap on the description of a location entry to see the image you took. Tap on the location's name and you will see it on a map.

You can also see where the locations were posted (Nikonians, twitter, facebook) by looking at the icons on the right hand side of each location. Older postings, prior to the version 1.1 do not show any icons indicating where the post was published.

At the bottom of the "My locations" page you have the navigation links "prev" and "next" that allows you to navigate through all of your locations.

Please use the app wisely: The coordinates of your location will be sent to the Nikonians server and shown on the Good Locations map and posted in the Good Locations forum. If you are testing the app and shooting some shots e.g. around your house, you should be aware of that the location, normally down to the street of your location, will be posted for all to see. If you don't want this, you can edit the posting in the forum, removing that particular info. The whole idea with the app is though to share information with other photographers, to let them know about good locations to shoot, so when you are really posting info about good locations for others to visit - or for yourself to remember later - then you should not edit the geographical location data.

How can I modify posted locations?

You can edit the posted locations that are in Nikonians Good Locations forum manually within the first 48 hours after they have been posted. We will provide additional settings for modifications of already sent captures on the settings page in an upcoming release.

How can I see what others have posted?

Check the Good Locations map and the Good Locations forum at Nikonians to see what others have posted :-) We will provide this information on a separate site within Nikonians and also through the settings page on the app in the very near future as well.

How can I delete previously made postings?

Go to the account(s) you posted to: Nikonians, Facebook and/or twitter and manually remove the posting. You can also disable locations made through the settings page under the My Locations link in the application.

Any way to download images back to my iphone?

We will support the following functionality in an upcoming release: Images captured will then also be stored in your photo gallery on your phone. The location data and other "meta data" is then kept together with the image in your gallery.

Will there be a way to search by GPS coordinates or location in the Nikonians forums?

Use the Good Locations map.

How can I capture a location without having network coverage?

A feature like "Capture now and send later" has been included in version 1.1 of the app. Just capture the locations like normal. When you later have network coverage, start the application and let it send the locations. A small, animated icon is showing at the top bar of the app as long as it is sending locations to the server.

If I am on a cruise ship, can I send my locations from it? Yes, even if you do not have network coverage. Just make sure you are using version 1.1. or later. You can then capture the locations while being offline and then send them when you have network coverage. So, you can snap away no matter coverage or not (you would need GPS reception though) and then you can send the captured data when you're in harbor. Of course if the ship has wifi, you can use that to send your images at any time.

Make useful location comments

Make sure you use it often to share good photography locations with other photographers. Also make sure you enter useful comments. It is good if you enter information about why the location is good, e.g. you can find certain animals there, the landscape is great in autumn, that it is perfect for stylish wedding photography or e.g. that there are great concerts taking place there.

Are you planning on support iPod Touch as well?

Nope, there are no plans on supporting iPod Touch as is. Reason is that the iPod Touch has no camera and secondly, sending the image location from it must be done solemnly through Wifi.

Are you planning on support Google Android, XYZ and ABC as well?

We are planning on supporting Android, yes. Potentially other smart phones as well.



  • Good Locations Map was released June 21st 2010.
  • V1.1 was released February 19th 2010. This release includes offline support and you can now see your former postings on the settings page under the "My locations" link. You can also disable locations for display there.
  • V1.01 was released February 2nd 2010. This release includes support for several languages and fixed a bug with ratings which are now sent properly.
  • The iPhone app Good Locations by Nikonians V1.0 was released January 21st 2010.
  • This page was last modified on 21 June 2010, at 12:31.
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