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N. A. S. or Nikon Acquisition Syndrome is manifested by a feverish desire to own everything and anything which has a Nikon logo. Five decades of research have found no cure, not even acute pauperism, a heavy handed spouse, or hypnosis work. Post-hypnotic suggestions such as "Will it make you a better photographer?" get soon discarded as irrelevant when not idiotic, making the victim immune to common vaccines such as logic, harsh home remedies and even witchcraft. Nikonians is considered by many the best NAS support group in the world.

Although NAS is well described, it is very often wrongly prescribed unless you are a Nikonians community member. In well documented modern medical journals it is said to be a highly contagious, non-lethal condition with modest to severe morbidity. Symptoms are persistent over time but with typically episodic crisis. Symptoms include night sweats, tremor, salivation, pupilary dilation, agitation and light-headedness, intermixed or alternating with giddiness, mild cognitive dysfunction, and often affection displays to equipment in public that may be considered inappropriate by some. Symptoms are exacerbated by certain provocative Nikonians members profile listings of gear as well as by some well-stocked stores.

in situ NAS is irresistible. That is when you are actually inside a store with all the goodies you like. If you find that your own will cannot fight to control it at affordable levels, the use of a straight jacket or some other form of physical restrain to prevent you from drawing out a credit card is advisable.

NAS-related expenditures can be staggering, estimated in unknown millions annually world-wide, and often compounded by the need to provide burnt offerings to spouses and others caught as innocent bystanders. Sufferers always consider it is well worth it. We believe they are right.

Nikonians Photo Glossary

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