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The Nikonians mobile gallery app is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Google Android phones and tablets.

The Android version can be downloaded from Google Play and the iOS app from iTunes

The app makes it easy to showcase your own image portfolio on your smart phone or tablet.

The application is free of charge and can be used by all Nikonians members. All users, even non Nikonians, can browse and bookmark existing galleries.

Getting going with the Nikonians mobile gallery app

1) Download the app from Google Play or Apple iTunes and then start it. After the splash screen, you will see the homescreen. It contains randomly selected thumbnails from images kept in the Nikonians image gallery Shake your iPhone and you will get eight new thumbnails showing. While on the home screen, tilt the phone or tablet counter-clock wise so it is horizontal. You will now see a larger mosaic of thumbnails. Shake your device to select a new set of random images.

2) Tap on any of the thumbnails to see a large format version of the image.

3) You can now navigate back and forward through the images by using the navigation arrows at the bottom or by swiping (dragging your finger). You can also start and stop a slideshow by clicking on the "play/pause" icon at the bottom of the screen as well

4) Try out zooming into (and out of) the image by double-tapping on it or by doing a pinch-gesture.

5) Click on the top right button with the user name of the photographer to see all images of this user. Click on the button "See all" to see a mosaic of this users complete collection of images

6) Go back with cancel and home buttons top left

7) Login from the home screen to Nikonians. If you are not a registered user yet at Nikonians, you can register here.

8) Try search for a user by entering the users' username in the search field. Enter at least three characters. After some time you will either see a result list, in which you can scroll, or a "no results" message.

9) Select an image of a user for viewing by tapping on username and then on one of the users images. Flip the device horizontally to see the image in horizontal mode. Flip back. Swipe the images to move back/forward through the images of the user.

10) As a logged in user, the lower left corner menu item (looks like a little box with an arrow in it) contains items for storing the image in the camera roll (photo album) of the device, for sending it via email to someone else and to book this user's gallery. As always, please respect international copyright laws! You must not use any image of any photographer for any purpose without asking the photographer for permission first!

11) Go back to the home screen. As a logged in user, you can see a new item called "My gallery" which you can tap on to open your own gallery. This is then a shortcut to reach your own gallery, to be able to show your portfolio to others.

12) You may want to turn on the "high resolution" switch on the home screen (settings menu on Android) to force the images to be downloaded at a higher resolution - if available. By doing this, you will increase the bandwidth consumption which may lead to high(er) phone bills. You have been warned!

13) Under the "Bookmarks" menu you will find the user galleries you have previously bookmarked.

We hope this app will help you to get further inspired (and to share and to learn!) Enjoy!

The Nikonians Team

The Nikonians Team Must-See Featured Galleries

Some must-have galleries that you might want to bookmark :-)

Latest updated 25-OCT-2010

  • marsel (National Geographic photographer with remarkable images)
  • photophil (great wildlife, landscape and more)
  • vfnewman (Cool racing images from Virginia International Raceway)
  • Jim Pierce (Great wildlife)
  • Texxter (Good portraits and more)
  • Bass rock (Landscapes of Scottland and more)
  • MotoMannequin (Great landscapes)
  • TEITZY (Great macro work)
  • esantos (Variety of inspiring photographs)
  • Davidpeter1 (Variety of photographs)
  • Valentino (A set of good photos incl a series of great sunsets over Manhattan)

Interested in your personal professional portfolio app?

We can provide you with your own portfolio app for Android and iOS. Branded with your own name, logo and information about how to order your work and your availability for assignments. The app would have your name so potential customers can easily find it in the Google Play and iTunes.

The branded portfolio app shows a screen on startup that shows your own work and then only shows images you have selected to be shown. You can easily replace images to be shown without any changes needed to the application and you decide which resolution you want to be available to the viewing audience.

For more information about getting your own portfolio app to showcase and for marketing of your work, please contact the development team at info at enprovia dot com

For version 1.1:

As a registered member, you can login and connect to your own gallery. Download and save, plus emailing of images is also possible for registered, logged-in members.

History Version 1.0 for Android available since March 28th 2014

Version 1.1 of the application is available in the iTunes applications store since August 19th 2010.

Version 1.0 of the application is available in the iTunes applications store since July 28th 2010.

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